School admission forms 2020

This is the present position:-

There has been understandably a lot of concern from parents regarding the arrangements for school admission forms this year.  Obviously church school admissions policies are the remit of each school and their Governors. However Chris Bracegirdle as chair of the Bishop Fraser Trust MAT has sent out this helpful information regarding applications for Canon Slade and St James.


"At a meeting of Canon Slade Governing Board held on 7 July, the Chair of Governors gave an update on recording of church attendance for the purposes of school admissions.  The Bishop Fraser Trust Schools (Canon Slade, St James's Farnworth and Bolton St Katherine's Academytake the view that places of worship were open during this academic year between 1 September 2019 and 8 March 2020 and that will be the only period during the current academic year for which attendance records will be required.   The decision has to be ratified by the Regional Schools Commissioner who needs to approve a variation in admission arrangements"