St. John's Churchyard

The Parish of St John the Evangelist, Wingates 

Churchyard regulations


We hope you find this a place of peace, dignity and beauty in which to remember your loved ones and the hope we have in Jesus Christ.


This summary of the regulations is given to you to ensure that we comply with the law, are sensitive to those who visit this churchyard, and have regard for the volunteers who maintain it.


Important points to note – PLEASE READ:

  1. With the vicar, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) has a responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the churchyard. This includes ensuring that legal requirements associated with churchyards are adhered to.
  2. The vicar is able to authorise the placing of monuments and inscriptions but is only permitted to do so within the limits of the Churchyard Regulations (2016) for the Diocese of Manchester.*
  3. This is a churchyard, not a public cemetery and as such different rules govern what can and cannot be placed here.  Please do not assume that because you have seen a particular style of memorial or inscription in a public cemetery (such as Westhoughton cemetery), that it will be permitted in a churchyard. 
  4. Dogs must be kept on leads and not allowed to soil the churchyard.
  5. Only cut natural flowers (not plastic or silk), may be placed in the churchyard. Exceptions are made for Remembrance Sunday poppies and Christmas wreaths.
  6. All stonemasons, family members or friends should ensure that they have permission from the vicar before carrying out any work in the churchyard.  This includes inscriptions and placing of memorials (regardless of size)
  7. Please do not plant shrubs, trees or other plants and do not bring in toys, ornaments or vases to decorate a grave or memorial stone.
  8. Some items make the maintenance of the churchyard both difficult and dangerous and are therefore prohibited.  Glass vases are particularly dangerous, as they break in the frost.
  9. Please do not place stones or markers of any kind round a memorial or grave as it makes mowing the grass dangerous and can also constitute a trip hazard to other users of the churchyard.


The vicar and churchwardens reserve the right to remove any items which contravene the above regulations.  


*A full copy of the Churchyard Regulations (2016) for the Diocese of Manchester is available from the church or from the church website



Updated and agreed by the Parochial Church Council January 2018