St. John's Graveyard

Welcome to St. John the Evangelist’s Graveyard.


We hope you find this a place of peace, dignity and beauty in which to remember your loved ones and the hope we have through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


We ask that all visitors work with us to maintain this important place of remembrance by ensuring the safety and ease of maintenance of this lawned churchyard.


By law, the PCC has the responsibility for maintaining the graveyard and for the safety of those using it.


  • Apart from cut natural flowers (not plastic or silk), nothing may be brought into the graveyard without special permission.
  • All stonemasons should ensure that they have permission from the Rector/Team Vicar before doing any work in the graveyard.
  • To put any headstone on a grave, permission is needed from the Rector/Team Vicar; permission for only some types of stone will be granted.
  • Please do not plant shrubs, trees or other plants and do not bring in toys, ornaments or vases to decorate a grave or memorial stone.


Some items make the maintenance of the graveyard both difficult and dangerous and are therefore prohibited.


  • Glass vases are particularly dangerous, as they break in the frost. The best thing to use for cut flowers is a plastic bottle, cut to the right size so it is not visible over its setting.
  • Please do not put stones or markers of any kind round a headstone or memorial stone, as it makes mowing the grass dangerous and can also constitute a trip hazard to other visitors to the graveyard.


Anyone wishing to put anything other than cut fresh flowers in the graveyard must contact the Rector/Team Vicar to seek permission from the Church of England.  The  Vicar/Rector do not have the authority themselves to allow anything that contravenes these new regulations.


                                   01942     859251 -- Rector

                                               01942      819569 -- Team Vicar